Warsaw Rose Trials


28th of August 2020

In the world of rose trials, a new idea was put forward last year. In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a new contest called The Warsaw Rose Trials is being prepared. It will be taking place in the wonderful Botanical Garden of PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), where there is also the National Collection of Roses. The Trials are organised by the Botanical Garden in close cooperation with the Polish Association of Rose Breeders.

The Collection of the Botanical Garden was founded in 1998, and in 2008 acquired a status of a national collection assuming the name of the National Collection of Rose Cultivars. This is the largest collection of roses in the country and it is important on a world scale in terms of diversity of cultivars and species. The Curator of Collection - PhD Marta Monder is also taking care of planning and planting roses for the Trials. As the Warsaw Rose Trials is a novelty in this part of Europe, which is colder than rest of western part, some of rose breeders could worry about low temperatures in winter. However it doesn’t present a problem. Roses in Poland just need winter protection. And the same happens in the Botanical Garden. All roses both in the collection and meant for Trials are covered for winter with pile of soil or bark. It is sufficient for roses from 6A USDA zone to survive even harsh winter.

The Warsaw Rose Trials has two sections - A and B. Section A is meant for new roses which are not on the market yet, and section B offers place for roses which are present on the market, however not longer than 5 years.


Roses are accepted every year in autumn till the end of November and in spring from March till the end of April. All breeders are welcome to send as many varieties of roses as they wish, and registration for 2020 is still open. The Botanical Garden can guarantee a lot of space. The First official contest is planned for September 2020. It will be a great occasion not only to enter the new contest but to visit Poland and wonderful Botanical Garden as well. The greatest attraction will be the main prize - Amber Rose!


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